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About Oak Hall Cap & Gown

The History of Oak Hall

In 1889, in Roanoke, Virginia, a company was founded that was to become one of the country’s leading academic, judicial, and religious apparel manufacturers: The Oak Hall Company.

Throughout the years Oak Hall steadily built a reputation for the finest quality and service in academic, judicial, and religious apparel in the country.

In 1976 the company acquired the Bentley and Simon Company, a New York based manufacturing firm world renowned as the leader in fine tailored pulpit, academic, and judicial apparel. In fact, today Bentley and Simon is recognized throughout the world as the hallmark for quality custom-made robes and is the robe supplier for the Justices of the US Supreme Court.

Oak Hall started with one small plant and has grown to three sewing factories and warehouses totaling more than 370,000 square feet. We are a family run business, dedicated to keeping the textile industry alive in the United States. Our 384 employees have full time, permanent positions, and in the history of Oak Hall, we have never laid an employee off. 

An Oak Hall Sewing Facility - Made Only in the USA!









Although our business is somewhat seasonal, we have an obligation not only to our customers, but also to our employees. We understand that we are providing more than a “product”. Having one’s cap and gown to wear at commencement is second only to a bride having a wedding dress in time to wear. It’s a responsibility that our employees take very seriously. Click here for Oak Hall’s Workplace Code of Conduct.

Oak Hall Serves Colleges All Over The World!

Oak Hall is proud to have been the pioneer that introduced sustainable caps and gowns to higher education in 2009.  When we realized that less than 30% of all plastic bottles in the US get recycled, we knew this was the right thing to do.  Little did we realize that in such a short time GreenWeaver, made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and woven with a matte finish, would become the next generation of academic attire. Learn more about GreenWeaver and the process taken to make beautiful gown material from plastic bottles >>

We are excited and proud to introduce NuHorizon, our newest eco friendly regalia line.  NuHorizon is made using the same process as GreenWeaver, but with a knit satin finish. Learn more about NuHorizon Here >>

Oak Hall’s take back program
After commencement, students have the option of keeping their regalia as a souvenir of their accomplishment or placing in recycling bins that we provide at commencement. Regalia that is recycled will be reprocessed into new product.

Other ways Oak Hall is working to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Our rebate program funds other sustainability projects on campus
  • All our waste material is bundled and sent in for recycling
  • We have converted to carbon based dry cleaning systems
  • We use only recycled bags for storing regalia
  • All shipping cartons are of recycled cardboard
  • We’ve reduced our printing by over 50%

Allow us to show you the quality and unmatched customer service you will receive at Oak Hall Cap & Gown.