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Academic Caps & Tams

We adhere to the strict standards of the American Council of Education and use only the finest quality fabrics and velvets in manufacturing our custom academic Caps and Velvet Tams.

Doctoral Velvet Tam Prices:
Available in Traditional Black and Ph.D. Blue
Four Corner
Six Corner
Eight Corner
$82.00 $89.00 $93.00

Doctoral Tam Tassel Options:
Regular Old Gold Silk Tassel (no additional charge)
Two-Button Gold or Silver Silky Tassel (add $25.00)
Two-Button Gold or Silver Metallic Tassel (add $45.00)

Additional Regular Silky Tassel ($3.50)

Elizabethan and Beefeater Tams are available starting at $125.00.  Please call (800) 223-0429 for details.

Masters or Bachelors Degree Caps Purchase Prices:
Fabrics (should match your gown)
Regency Poplin $37.00
Venture $40.00
Dalton Crepe $43.00
Peach Skin $46.00
Tropical Wool $48.00
Roosevelt Bamboo $48.00


About These Fabrics:
All fabrics have been carefully chosen for their beauty, durability, and wrinkle-resistance.

Tropical Wool - Since the introduction of this fabric, it has grown to be our most popular. Tropical Wool is a lightweight yet strong worsted wool blended fabric that is comfortable both in winter and summer making it "seasonless". Wool absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, which means it absorbs body vapor, keeping you from feeling damp or clammy. The use of long staple fibers makes worsted wool naturally wrinkle resistant. Dacron/Wool Blend.

Dalton Crepe -  Historically Dalton Crepe has been one of our most popular fabrics. A 100% polyester crepe, Dalton is two-way textured, causing the weave to be smoother and giving the fabric more substance. Dalton Crepe is a very breathable fabric, meaning that it doesn't trap heat. Dalton Crepe is also treated with a stain release finish.

Cachet -  An extremely popular choice for a summer or for warmer climates. Our lightest weight fabric ever! 100% polyester.

Venture - A 100% polyester gabardine that is a very durable fabric with an added finish that releases stains easily. Venture is one of our most popular fabrics.

Peachskin -  A fabric that has the luxurious feel of suede but in a lightweight 100% polyester fabric. Perfect for special occasions, but with a performance that will allow you to wear it every day. The softness of the material creates a graceful flow as you move. Extremely durable and wrinkle resistant.

Regency Poplin - Economically priced, Regency Poplin is a blend of 65% Fortrel and 35% Cotton. Because of the cotton content, Regency Poplin tends to wrinkle as well.

Roosevelt - Roosevelt is a luxurious feeling eco-friendly fabric with an elegant look. The 100% PET recycled material makes the fabric so lightweight and comfortable you’ll be looking for an excuse to wear your regalia.


Shipping & Handling: $15.95 each when ordered separately from the gown. If you are ordering your hood in the same order as your gown, shipping for your hood is at no charge. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for shipment of your order.

To Order, Call (800) 223-0429 Between 8:15 am and 5 pm EST