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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Kind of Credit Cards can I use for Payment?


Q. Why must I call in my order in some of the sections at Oak Hall?

A. As we acclimate our business to full ecommerce, we chose to do one section at a time so that we could carefully proceed in the best manner for our customers. Currently, the Kindergrad section is the only area where you may order online without the assistance of an Oak Hall Representative.

Q. What if my color or fabric is not in stock, or if there is any delay in my order?

A. Due to market conditions, it should be noted that there may be times when certain custom fabrics or colors may be delayed or withdrawn without notice. In this event, you will be contacted so that you may make an alternate selection.

Q. Can I wash my Robe / Gown?

A. We recomend that you have your gown dry cleaned at a reputable and professional dry cleaners. We stand behind our products with the utmost confidence. However, due to the nature of these products, and the instability of many dyes, it is not possible for us to guarantee them against fading or transference.

For more details on how to care for and wear your cap and gown, visit our YouTube page.
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Q: My Answer is not here, how do I contact Oak Hall?

A: Click Here To Contact Oak Hall
You may also call us with any questions you may have at: (540) 387-0000 between 8:15 and 5 EST during business days.