Pulpit Robe Styles:

Asbury – The Asbury is characterized by front panels made of the same fabric as the robe.

Canterbury – Our most popular robe, the Canterbury is the cornerstone of our fine Bentley & Simon vestments. It exemplifies the beauty and design of all our pulpit robes with deep, clear cut lines, our exclusive contoured balanced fluting, and our yoke, made with many of the same materials found in the finest men’s suits to support the robe and panels.

Essex – The Essex pulpit robe was designed by Bentley & Simon exclusively for women. To better fit the lady minister we have tailored the Essex with a narrowed fluting to diminish the boxy effect. We have also designed sleeves that are not as full and have narrowed the velvet panels while adding accent stitching on the pleats.

Windsor – The Windsor robe is like the Canterbury except that the velvet panels meet. All fabrics have been carefully chosen for their beauty, durability and wrinkle-resistance:


Fabric Selections: All fabrics have been carefully chosen for their beauty, durability and wrinkle-resistance:

Tropical Wool - Starting at $525.00 USD
Since the introduction of this fabric, it has grown to be our most popular. Tropical Wool is a lightweight yet strong worsted wool blended fabric that is comfortable both in winter and summer making it "seasonless". Wool absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, which means it absorbs body vapor, keeping you from feeling damp or clammy. The use of long staple fibers makes worsted wool naturally wrinkle resistant. Robes made form this fabric are available in black, charcoal, forest green, navy, cream, garnet, airforce blue.

Wesley Crepe - Starting at $512.00 USD
Our most popular fabric for women, Wesley Crepe is also a 100% polyester fabric but in a faille. While Wesley is no cooler than Dalton (below), it does give the perception of being cooler because it has such a lightweight and silky feel. It also drapes beautifully. It is available only in black or white.

Dalton - Starting at $454.00 USD
Historically Dalton Crepe has been one of our most popular fabrics. A 100% polyester crepe, Dalton is two-way textured, causing the weave to be smoother and giving the fabric more substance. Dalton Crepe is a very breathable fabric, meaning that it doesn't trap in heat. Dalton Crepe is also treated with a stain release finish and comes in the following colors: black, white, gray, red, purple, royal, burgundy, and navy.

Venture - Starting at $400.00 USD
A 100% polyester gabardine that is a very durable fabric with an added finish that releases stains easily. Venture is one of our most popular fabrics and is available in black, white, eggshell, gray, maroon, royal, and navy.

Peachskin - Starting at $525.00 USD
A fabric that has the luxurious feel of suede but in a lightweight 100% polyester fabric. Perfect for special ocasions, but with performance that will allow you to wear it everyday. The softness of the material creates a graceful flow as you move. Peachskin robes are extremely durable and wrinkle resistant and is available in the following colors: black, white, cream, cream beige, gray, maroon, hunter green, sapphire (royal), navy, and jelly (purple).

Roosevelt  - Starting at $525.00 USD
Roosevelt is a luxurious feeling, eco- friendly fabric with an elegant look. Made from 100% PET recycled fabric, it is so lightweight and comfortable you will be looking for an excuse to wear your regalia.

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