How do I care for my regalia?

Souvenir Gown– Remove the gown from its packaging. Place on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out. Hanging in a high humidity area, like your bathroom, will accelerate this process. If an iron is needed turn the garment inside out and use a warm (not hot) iron. Steaming is also an option. Never put the iron directly on velvet.

Rental – Remove the gown from its packaging. Place on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out. Hanging in a high humidity area, like your bathroom, will accelerate this process. If an iron is needed turn the garment inside out and use a warm (not hot) iron. Steaming is also an option. Never put the iron directly on velvet.

Fine Quality – Remove your gown from its packaging and hang. Allow the gown to hang several days for fold wrinkles to fall out before placing in the garment bag that we included in your shipment. After each wearing allow the gown to hang for several days before storing back in the garment bag. We recommend that you have your gown dry cleaned at a reputable and professional dry cleaners. Typically they do not need to be dry-cleaned after each use. We stand behind our products with the utmost confidence. However, due to the nature of these products, and the instability of many dyes, it is not possible for us to guarantee them against fading or transference.

What if my color or fabric is not in stock, or if there is any delay in my order?

Due to market conditions, it should be noted that there may be times when certain custom fabrics or colors may be delayed or withdrawn without notice. In this event, you will be contacted so that you may make an alternate selection.

What size do I need?

Gowns- Gowns are sized by exact height and weight. Additional measurements may be needed for fine quality regalia.

Caps– Souvenir and rental caps are one size fits all. Fine quality caps and tams are exact size

Purchases & Returns

Can I place an order directly with Oak Hall?

Product requests using a school seal or logo must be placed by an authorized University or Bookstore person.

High School – Contact your graduation coordinator

College – Visit your University commencement website for details.

Faculty – Fine quality orders can be placed at 800-223-0429

Bookstore/School – Contact us at 800/456-7623 or customerservice@oakhalli.com


I placed my order on your website and I have a question.

Contact us at customercare@oakhalli.com or 800-456-7623

Return Policy for Bookstore/School

What items are returnable?


Non-Branded, Non-School specific, souvenir regalia may be returned for credit. Restocking fees may apply.

All rented items must be returned.

Fine Quality

Contact our custom department at 800/223-0429.

Do you require a return authorization number? Return authorization numbers are not required.

Do I need to fill out a return form? Yes, return forms should be sent back with all returns. The return should also include chargeback paperwork.

What Kind of Credit Cards can I use for Payment?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Where Should Returns Be Sent?


Oak Hall Cap & Gown

Attn Returns

3812 Blue Ridge Drive

Roanoke VA 24018

Fine Quality:

Oak Hall Cap & Gown

Attn: Custom Department

840 Union Street

Salem VA 24153

GreenWeaver/NuHorizon regalia to be recycled:

Oak Hall Cap & Gown

Attn GreenWeaver/NuHorizon recycling

3812 Blue Ridge Drive

Roanoke VA 24018

Wearing Your Regalia

How to Wear Your Bachelor Cap and Gown
How to Wear Your Doctoral Cap and Gown
How to Wear Your High School Cap and Gown
How to Wear Your Master Cap & Gown
What side does the tassel go on?

Traditionally tassels are worn on the right side and moved to the left during a special portion of the ceremony for high school graduates. For college graduates, Bachelor again wear tassels on right side until their degrees are conferred, then move to left. Graduate students wear on left from the beginning.

Regalia Best Practices

Academic Ceremony Guide
In response to numerous requests from institutions, the Committee on Academic Costumes and Ceremonies in 1959 prepared the following academic ceremony guide.
Many factors, such as the nature of the institution, the size of the graduating class, the weather, and the place of the ceremony (indoors or outdoors), affect the details of the various kinds of academic ceremonies. Institutions have wide latitude in meeting these conditions. It is therefore recognized that the following suggestions do not answer all pertinent questions concerning any specific ceremony.

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Academic Costume Code

The American Council on Education’s Academic Costume Code governs all standards and best practices for academic regalia. Oak Hall has worked hard for over a century to continue to meet these standards. Learn more about the current Academic Costume Code.

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Graduation Announcements, Invitations, and Parties

Graduation announcements, while not originally viewed as a request for gifts, unfortunately have become associated in recent years with forced gift-giving. Graduation announcements should not be distributed to people other than close friends and family members, unless the notation “No gifts please” has been added.

The same thing goes for graduation invitations.This is particularly true because many degree-granting institutions impose limits on the number of spectators who actually may attend, and issue tickets to the graduate to be given to those select members of the family or friends who actually are expected to show up at the ceremonies.

Better to invite only immediate family and closest friends (such as godparents) to the ceremony. Whether it is a traditional graduation party such as an open house or a more “organized party” such as a roast for the graduate or a buffet dinner, plan a party theme that reflects what your graduate’s plans for the future are.

Historical Overview of the Academic Costume Code

The origins of academic dress date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when universities were taking form. Oak Hall Industries has been a part of this history since 1889. Read more about the history of the Academic Costume Code, courtesy of the American Council on Education.

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