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College NuHorizon® Caps & Gowns

Our NuHorizon® Eco-Friendly fabric line was created out of a desire to offer a satin finish sustainable material. In contrast to our matte finish GreenWeaver® line, NuHorizon® was created with a satin sheen to give every graduate the extra shine they deserve. This line is the perfect sustainable, economical fabric for any school.

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  • Made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Finished as a knit with a satin sheen
  • Treated with OakGard to repel water, retard stains and resist wrinkles
  • A great option for going sustainable economically
  • Can be recycled after commencement

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Can I wear stoles and other accessories at the ceremony?

Allowed accessory items are predetermined by your institution. Products showing a school logo or seal must be approved by the school.