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GreenWeaver® College Caps & Gowns

Oak Hall is proud to have been the pioneer that introduced sustainable caps and gowns to higher education in 2009. When we realized that less than 30% of all plastic bottles in the US get recycled, we knew this was the right thing to do. Little did we realize how quickly GreenWeaver® would become the next generation of academic attire. College students are at the forefront of sustainable initiatives. “Zero Waste” commencements are part of the movement toward a more sustainable campus. GreenWeaver® is a perfect fit.

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It takes an average of 23 to 27 bottles to make each cap and gown, so just think…for every 100 students wearing GreenWeaver®, that’s up to 2,700 plastic bottles being diverted from landfills!

  • Made in the USA from domestic or imported fabric
  • Polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles
  • Tag-less size labels inside each gown
  • Finished with a smooth rich hand
  • Softer to the touch than traditional polyester
  • Very wrinkle resistant and lightweight
  • Can be recycled after commencement

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Can I wear stoles and other accessories at the ceremony?

Allowed accessory items are predetermined by your institution. Products showing a school logo or seal must be approved by the school.