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Customer Service

Generations of servicing customers with their regalia needs has allowed Oak Hall and Bentley & Simon the knowledge necessary to be prepared to address any situation that may arise.

We understand that the regalia you wear reflects directly on your image.  The product quality and the service that we provide can enhance this image and the perception that others have of you.

Why is our customer service unmatched in this industry?

  1. All our employees have full time permanent positions with the company; no temps.
  2. We answer the phone!  You will always speak with a live person when calling us.
  3. Our customer service and distribution facility is under one roof, allowing for a fast reaction time when resolving last minute orders.
  4. We stand behind our products and guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Feel free to send us a message using the below form, or call us toll free at 1-800-223-0429 (fine quality)
or 1-800-456-7623 (rental and souvenir).