Graduation Innovation

Innovations In The Regalia Market

Much has changed since the 12th and 13th centuries when the ordinary dress of the scholar was the dress of a cleric. It wasn’t until the late 19th century when the United States standardized academic dress. In 1895 the Intercollegiate Commission adopted a code which regulated the cut and style of regalia, along with the colors used to represent the different fields of learning. In 1932 the American Council on Education appointed a committee to review that code, and with the exception of a few changes in 1959 and 1986, that code has been in effect ever since.


Souvenir Cap & Gown

Oak Hall introduced the first "souvenir" cap and gown to higher education. Prior to this time, all regalia had been rental.

Matte Finish Fabric

Oak Hall introduced the first matte finish souvenir gown in an array of colors. Prior to this, souvenir gowns had a satiny sheen.

Custom Regalia Concepts

Oak Hall created "Customized Regalia Concepts", introducing fine quality, school color specific, fabrics and velvet's to higher education. This opened the door for smaller schools with PhD programs to design customized regalia, something only available at the Ivy League level until now.

Custom Doctoral Gowns

Oak Hall changed the look of Customized Doctoral gowns by applying direct embroidery to the front panels instead of the sewn on patches commonly used.

Custom Anniversary Gowns

Oak Hall introduces a new concept to higher education; customized souvenir gowns at the bachelor and master level that are designed to celebrate a university's anniversary. This concept was introduced at Columbia University's 250th Anniversary during their 2005 commencement ceremony.

First Sustainable Fabric

Oak Hall pioneers the First Sustainable Fabric Gown, GreenWeaver. Made from 100% PET post-consumer plastic bottles diverted from landfills, an average of 23 to 27 plastic bottles goes into the manufacturing of each cap and gown.

First Sustainable High School Gown

Oak Hall develops the First Sustainable High School cap and gown, NuHorizon.

100 Million Plastic Bottles Recycled

We hit the 100 MILLION mark! Together with our partners, YOU, we have diverted over 100 Million Plastic Bottles from landfills and recycled them into fabric for GreenWeaver and NuHorizon! Thank you and Congratulations!