How to Hold an At-Home Kindergarten Graduation for Your Child

How to Hold an At-Home Kindergarten Graduation for Your Child

It’s that time of year when awards ceremonies, band recitals, and graduations are usually happening all across the country, marking the culmination of student’s progress over the past year. Whether a college graduation or simply playing a song on the piano from memory, May and June are usually months where students get to celebrate their accomplishments, big or small.

It’s no news to anyone that the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all sorts of academic traditions, including the beloved kindergarten graduation. A kindergarten graduation is such a special moment in the life of a child. Marking a transition from primarily play-focused learning in nursery school and pre-kindergarten, kindergarten graduation ceremonies help children transition to more traditional, seatwork-oriented learning in first grade.

But don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime turn of events keep you from celebrating your child’s progress and accomplishments. Organize your own kindergarten graduation to make some memories of your own:

Set a Date

Even though many of us have more free time now than usual, setting a date for your kindergartener’s graduation ceremony can help them get excited about it, even if it’s a ceremony that you’re doing at home. Similar to a child counting down the days for his or her birthday party, anticipation can help children get excited about an important event. Count down the days until the ceremony, and in the meantime, draw up some plans to make sure the day is special for your little one.

Get Dressed Up

We are definitely biased, but getting dressed up in regalia is one of the most special things about graduation ceremonies. Academic regalia has a rich history that dates back more than 900 years.

You can purchase an at-home kindergrad kit shipped directly to your home for your child to dress in for his or her big day.

Prepare a Speech

This might seem a little silly, but this is a perfect time for you to say a few words about how proud you are of your child for completing kindergarten! It’s true that kindergarten is a time when a child learns the foundation for important things like reading, writing, and arithmetic. There’s so much to celebrate!

Have your family gather together for a few quick words. With our kindergrad kit, you’ll receive a diploma that you can give your child as a keepsake. You might even ask your child if they have anything they’d like to say to reflect on their kindergarten experience and moving into first grade.

Take Photos

After spending some time reflecting on the year, take your child and family outside for a round of photos! Make sure to include photos with mom and dad as well as with siblings. You can even video chat grandparents, family, and friends while your child is in their regalia to allow others in on the celebrations!

Share your photos on social media – and be sure to tag us so we can share how cute your kids look in their Oak Hall Caps and Gowns! Wrap up photos and commemorate the occasion with a special meal of the graduate’s choice!