Judicial Robes

Long days in the court room means comfort is key! Our Bentley & Simon Judicial Robe was designed exclusively for judges, with the help of judges, and is the only Robe you should be wearing.

For over 100 years Bentley & Simon has been the judicial robe of choice. Our requirements dictate that each robe be individually tailored giving you unparalleled quality, comfort, and fit. Judges know they can depend on the unmatched level of quality and consistency that is the Bentley & Simon standard.

Our yoke has a special shape retention inner-canvas lining which allows the robe to adapt naturally to the contours of the shoulders without any of the back-of-the-neck gap found on most judicial gowns.

Our sleeves feature a J-piece between the sleeve lining and cuff which prevents sleeves from riding up.

A frog closure is designed for maximum comfort when seated.

All fabrics have been carefully chosen for their beauty, durability and wrinkle-resistance:

Tropical Wool – $479.00 USD
Tropical Wool is a lightweight yet strong worsted wool blended fabric that is comfortable both in winter and summer making it “seasonless”.

Dalton – $412.00 USD
A 100% polyester crepe, Dalton is two-way textured, causing the weave to be smoother and giving the fabric more substance. Dalton Crepe is a very breathable fabric, meaning that it doesn’t trap in heat.

Venture – $381.00 USD
A 100% polyester gabardine that is a very durable fabric with an added finish that releases stains easily. Venture is one of our most popular fabrics.

Peachskin – $479.00 USD
A fabric that has the luxurious feel of suede but in a lightweight 100% polyester fabric. Perfect for special ocasions, but with performance that will allow you to wear it every day.

Roosevelt – $479.00 USD
Made from 100% PET recycled fabric