Over 130 Years Quality Manufacturing

Renowned for unparalleled customer service and superior robes since our founding in 1889, Oak Hall is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of academic, judicial and religious apparel. From one small plant to four sewing facilities and warehouses totaling more than 455,000 square feet, Oak Hall has remained a family-run business. We are based in our original Roanoke, Virginia home, and are dedicated to keeping the textile industry alive in the United States. Our 450+ employees have full-time, permanent positions. No Employees have ever been laid off!


Our Founding

The Oak Hall Company is founded in Roanoke, VA

Expanding Offerings

Tuxedo and suit rentals, as well as "fancy" dress rentals for ladies, are added to the clothing line.

New Facility

We outgrow our downtown home and move to a larger facility on the outskirts of downtown. We start delivering regalia on rolling racks from high school to high school. We also start producing choir robes.

Acquisition CE Ward

We purchase CE Ward, a New London, Ohio company that also produces caps and gowns, choir robes, and masonic gear. We are now producing in Virginia and Ohio!

Acquisition of Bentley & Simon

We acquire the Bentley and Simon Company, a New York-based manufacturing firm world renowned as the leader in fine tailored pulpit, academic, and judicial apparel. In fact, today Bentley and Simon is recognized throughout the world as the hallmark for quality custom-made robes and is the robe supplier for the Justices of the US Supreme Court. Manufacturing is moved to Roanoke Virginia; we maintained a showroom in Lower Manhattan until our General Manager retired in 1995.

New Home in Salem

We once again outgrow our home and move to a much larger facility in neighboring Salem, Virginia.

Relocation of Cap & Gown Operations

We sell the Ohio facility and the masonic business to a long time employee of CE Ward, and move the cap and gown operations to Salem.

New Facility in Wytheville

With the NAFTA signing, many textile manufacturers closed their doors and moved that work out of the United States. Oak Hall purchased an established facility in Wytheville, Virginia and rehired the 70 employees; allowing us the opportunity to increase our production capabilities and continue to grow.

Manufacturing in Chilhowie

We sign a lease and open our third manufacturing plant in Chilhowie, Virginia, adding 100 additional jobs. We also open a 140,000 square foot distribution and customer service center in Roanoke.

Acquisition of ER Moore

We acquired ER Moore, a Chicago based manufacturer, and Cotrell and Leonard, the original cap and gown manufacturer in the United States.

First Sustainable Regalia

Oak Hall introduced the first sustainable cap and gowns as a way to bring added value to you and your students. The GreenWeaver and NuHorizon sustainable gowns are made of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles and can be recycled.

New Facility in Independence

Oak Hall opened our fourth sewing facility, this one in the Town of Independence, with a ribbon cutting attended by the Governor of Virginia. In his speech, Governor McAuliffe states "the 100 jobs Oak Hall is bringing to Grayson Country is equivalent to 2,000 jobs in Northern Virginia".