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GreenWeaver® 100% Recycled Gowns

Go Green With GreenWeaver®

Oak Hall is proud to have been the pioneer that introduced sustainable caps and gowns to higher education in 2009.  When we realized that less than 30% of all plastic bottles in the US get recycled, we knew this was the right thing to do.  Little did we realize that in less than three years, GreenWeaver would become the next generation of academic attire.

Students are at the fore front of sustainable initiatives.  “Zero Waste” commencements are part of the movement toward a more sustainable campus. GreenWeaver is a perfect fit. 

It takes an average of 23 bottles to make each gown, so just think…for every 100 students wearing GreenWeaver, that’s 2,300 plastic bottles being diverted from landfills!

  • Made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles
  • Finished with a smooth rich hand
  • Softer to the touch than traditional polyester
  • Very wrinkle resistant and lightweight
  • Can be recycled after graduation


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