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Oak Hall is proud to have been the pioneer that introduced sustainable caps and gowns to higher education in 2009. When we realized that less than 30% of all plastic bottles in the US get recycled, we knew this was the right thing to do. Little did we realize that in such a short time GreenWeaver, made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and woven with a matte finish, would become the next generation of academic attire.

The Process
The Process of Creating Graduation Gowns From Plastic Bottles

  • Recycled plastic bottles are processed to remove impurities such as labels and caps
  • The bottles are then chopped into fragments called “flakes”
  • Flakes are melted and then solidified into uniform pellets called “chips”
  • Chips are melted again and extruded into continuous filament yarn
  • The yarn is woven, dyed, and finished

Over 4,100,000 students have worn GreenWeaver regalia
at their commencement, resulting in millions of
plastic bottles
being removed from landfills.

We are excited and proud to introduce NuHorizon, our newest eco friendly regalia line. NuHorizon is made using the same process as GreenWeaver, but with a knit satin finish. Learn more about NuHorizon Here >>

Environmental Advantages

  • Yarn is produced using 100% post consumer plastic bottles
  • CO2 gas emissions are reduced by 54.6% in the process of manufacturing fabric from plastic verses virgin polyester
  • Petroleum usage is reduced by over 52% by utilizing thermal recycled energy


Oak Hall’s take back program:
After commencement, students have the option of keeping their regalia as a souvenir of their accomplishment or placing in recycling bins that we provide at commencement. Regalia that is recycled will be reprocessed into new product.


Other ways Oak Hall is working to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Our rebate program funds other sustainability projects on campus
  • All our waste material is bundled and sent in for recycling
  • We have converted to carbon based dry cleaning systems
  • We use only recycled bags for storing regalia
  • All shipping cartons are of recycled cardboard
  • We’ve reduced our printing by over 50%

With your help, we can make our earth a cleaner place for generations to come!

High School: Order Green Weaver  | Order NuHorizon
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